Role of District Magistrate in Police Administration

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Law and order has acquired a new dimension in our fast changing world.The firm maintenance of law and order is not only essential for economic prosperity but also for Indian unity.What is the Role of District Magistrate in Police Administration?

Role of District Magistrate in Police Administration is a legacy of British rule .The police act of 1861 vest in district magistrate the general control of police in the district.The general control has infact been a control in depth .In many places he initiates the annual performance appraisal report of the S.P’s,inspects police station and also deals with complaints against police.Police manuals in many states have referred to S.P’s being district magistrates assistant to police duties and bound to carry his order.

Since the district magistrate is not empowered to interfere into day to day functioning of police,his position vis a vis S.P can be likened to that of the titular head of the state.The police today is a well organized body working through a hierarchical structure .The necessary checks and balances needed for counteracting the corrupting influence of power have been in built in the structure itself.Moreover the collectors role have increased tremendously and his duties have multiplied fast.Under these circumstances should the Role of District Magistrate in Police Administration be revisited.

The collector could by virtue of his position still could act as an adviser ,friend and guide.There is always an advantage in having advice from an outside agency with the aim of restoration of peace.However It is to be pointed out that the collector doesn’t have a role in crime control and organization and discipline of force.The separation of executive from judiciary is a very important circumstance warranting redefinition of his role.Therefore it is required to amend the police act to make  the Role of District Magistrate in Police Administration effective in accordance with the changing times.

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