Functions of Supreme Court of India


Supreme Court of India

The constitution provides for a single and unified judiciary.The supreme court is at the helm of the judicial system in India.The supreme court exercises administrative control over all high courts ,the high court exercises control over subordinate courts.The Functions of Supreme Court of India are multifarious.

The judges of subordinate courts are elected and appointed as judges of high court,the judges of high court are appointed as judges of supreme court.

The judges of Supreme Court  and High courts are appointed by the president .The judges of subordinate courts are appointed by the governor of the respective state.

What are the Functions of Supreme Court of India?

The supreme court performs multifarious functions

  • It acts as the custodian of the constitution and helps in maintaining the supremacy of the constitution
  • It acts as the federal court where in it is the sole arbitrator of the disputes that may arise between centre and states or between states themselves on the question of division of powers
  • It acts as the protector of the fundamental rights of the individual guaranteed by the constitution
  • It plays the role of a consultant to the president where it expresses its opinion on any issue of law or fact that is of public importance which is referred to them by the president
  • It is the highest court of appeal in the country and its decisions are automatically binding on all the other courts of the country

These Functions of Supreme Court of India make it an important arm of democracy .


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