Indian Music styles


Indian Music styles can be classified as Hindustani(North) and Carnatic(South).

Differences between hindustani and carnatic music:

  1. Hindustani school strictly observe time theory of ragas For eg : Bhairava during dawn and Megh during morning. This is strictly not followed in carnatic indian music.
  2. Ragas in hindustani are associated with mood and feelings For eg : Bhairava is associated with awe and fear.This is strictly not followed in carnatic indian music.
  3. Though the name of ragas are same,contents in both vary.
  4. Method of elaborating and expounding raga is different in both forms of indian music
  5. There is stylistic divergence in the intonation of notes and execution of graces
  6. Carnatic music is put on scientifc lines.There is the melakartha system with 72 mela raga under which any raga could be brought in.
  7. In carnatic there is no purely instrumental composition.But this is available under hindustani
  8. The hindustani musical components are Dhrupad,Khayal,Gharana,Ghazal where as carnatic musical components are ragam thanam pallavi.
  9. Contributors of hindustani music are Amir Khusrau,Bhimsen Joshi,Gangubai Hangal,Pandit Jasraj where as contributors of carnatic music are Thyagaraja,Muthuswami Deekshitar,Shyama Shastri,chembai vaidyanath, swati tirunal. Thyagaraja,Muthuswami Deekshitar,Shyama Shastri are referred to as Trimurthi of carnatic music.
  10. D.K Pattammal,M.S.Subalakshmi and M.L Vasantha Kumari is referred to as the female trinity of of carnatic music.

Similarities between Hindustani and Carnatic music

  1. Name of Ragas remained same in both
  2. Importance is given to composition for vocal delivery ie those with meaningful words in both systems
  3. Bhakti influenced the development of both systems

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