Later Mughals: Indian History


After Aurangzeb death in 1707 ,in the later mughals history,there was war of succession among three sons in which prince Muazzam won the war of succession and assumed the title of Bahadur Shah I.

Bahadur Shah I ( 1707- 1712):

  • Shahu , son of sambhaji was released from mughal captivity
  • Reconciled with Rajput rulers Aaisingh of Amber and Ajit Singh of Marwar
  • Reconciled with Sikhs  by giving Guru Gobind singh a mansab

Jahandar Shah(1712-13):

  • Became emperor with the help of Zulfikar Khan,senior most noble of Aurangzeb.
  • Jahandar shahs favourite lady Lal Kanwar dominated the court.


  • Marked the ascendancy of notorious sayyid brothers, Sayyid Hussain ali khan and Abdullah Khan
  • Killed Jahandar shah with the help of Sayyid Brothers
  • Issued Farman ie the trading previleges to British which they utilised by issuing passes
  • Struggle between sayyids and emperor constantly which culminated in the killing of Farrukhsiyar by sayyids

Muhammed Shah(1719-1748):

  • Also called Muhammed Shah “Rangila”
  • His rule witnessed three revolts
  • Peshwa under Bajirao raided Delhi in 1737
  • Nadirshah, ruler of Iran invaded India and took away Kohinoor and Peacock throne
  • Ahmed Shah Abdali invaded India for the first time during his tenure

Ahmed Shah(1748-54):

  • Was a weak man and the affairs of the govt were handled by Uddham Bhai the dancing girl
  • Marked the ascendancy of notorious mughal wazir Imad ul Mulk

Alamgir II (1754-59):

  • Both Alamgir and Ahmed Shah were killed by Imad  Ul Mulk , the notorious mughal wazir

Shah Alam II(1759-1806):

  • defeated by British in the Battle of Buxar,1764
  • Signed treaty of Allahabad with English and granted Diwani rights of Bengal Bihar and Orissa
  • Blinded by Rohilla leader Ghulam Qadir
  • Handed over Delhi to Wellesley as a blind man in 1803

This marked the end of later mughal history from 1707 to 1807.

Following Shah Alam II, Akbar Shah II  and Bahadur Shah II continued as mere pensioner of British. Akbar II gave title of Raja to Ram Mohan Roy. Bahadur Shah was deported to Rangoon after revolt of 1857.

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