Ethics and Human Interface


Essay on Ethics and Human Interface

Ethics is a set of standards that society places on itself and which help guide behavior, choices and action. The crux of ethical standards, but in their adoption in action ,in sanctions against their violation ,in putting in disciplinary place. Ethics is also called “moral philosophy” .The word “moral” comes from Latin word “mores” which signifies customs, character, behavior, etc from the point of view of their rightfulness or wrongfulness, as means for the attainment of the ultimate happiness.

There are different Approaches in Ethics. One approach says, ethics is about individual conduct or character , and thus defined by questions such as “How shall I live”? or “ What does it means to be a good person?”Second approach says ethics refers to universal values and thus poses questions such as “What is the Good?” or “What rules can rightly apply to all moral actors or agents?”

Another focus on the process of moral decision –making , the characteristics of a good society, or the relationship between human goodness and the divine ,among many other issues.

Other Classification of Ethics

Personal Ethics

Organizational Ethics

Societal Ethics

Ethics for future world i.e., a parallel world ethics .It is impossible , in the connected world of the early 21st century ,to contemplate one without recognizing the influence on and by the other two. Personal ethics cannot be separated from the organizational context in which most of us are destined to spend the majority of our lives, be it working for a multinational corporation , a government department or agency , a not-for-profit organization or simply volunteering at the local pre-school.

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