Racial Diversity in India



Favourable physiography and prevailing climate condition of the country has been the cause of influx of population streams majorly from central Asia along with Australia and Tanzania thus the resultant racial diversity in India. It is the long temporal influx of these people that marks the development of India as the example of multiracial country. The validity of racial categorization have been discarded in context of strong intermixing among the racial communities .It is census report  1991 that thus avails the data for the general spatial categorization and analysis of racial diversity in India.

The prominent racial group recognized in the country is Caucasoid with the division of Dravidian and Aryans as peninsular and extra peninsular dwellers.

The Dravidian population incorporates two major racial groups identified as Negrittos and Paleo Mediterranean.

      1.Negritto racial group is especially applicable to Andaman – Nicobar Islands however also incorporate the tribal communities of southern hills in the peninsular interiors.They are referred to be the black short heightened people and possibly the first influx of population stream in the analysis of racial diversity in India.

     2.Paleo Mediterranean racial group  are referred as true Dravidian .They are correlated to initiation of agriculture activities in the peninsula.

Proto Australoid: are the central Indian dwellers in the analysis of racial diversity in India. They form the transitional racial belt between True Dravidian and true Aryans. This racial group have been related to the Indus valley civilization and thereby the cultural significance of inducing agrarian and urban characteristics in the cultural advancement of the country.

Mongoloid racial group: marked the second phase of dominating population influx in the temporal sequence .They are applicable majorly to the northern mountain wall where in North-Western Himalayas denotes the dominance of Paleo Mongoloids whereas for North-Eastern states racial category is dominated as Tibeto-Mongoloid .

The true Aryans extra peninsular dwellers incorporates 3 sub racial divides

  1. Dinaric Caucasoid typical to western India
  2. True Mediterranean East Indian dwellers
  3. Dominating Aryan race Nordics in near total northern plains of country.

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