Indus Valley Civilisation


Indus Valley Civilisation

  • Indus Valley Civilisation is also known as Harappan civilisation.Mainly located in present day Pakistan and state of Gujarat in India.
  • Mohenjodaro,Harappa,Dholavira ,Lothal were important cities where this civilization flourished.
  • Cities were highly developed with grid system of roads which cut across one another at right angles.
  • The great Bath at mohenjodaro,large granary,efficient drainage system,etc shows that the Indus valley was a civilization of high order.
  • Harappan grew cotton ,wheat,Barley and used ploughed field.Several animals were also domesticated by the ancient people of Indus Valley civilsation.
  • The Indus Valley Civilisation had foreign trade network with other countries like Bahrain,china.
  • Terracotta figurines of mother goddess are found.
  • The most common discovery from the harappan sites were seals.Seals made of steatite were used to identify merchandise or private objects.A seal from Indus Valley Civilisation at mohenjodaro shows a yogi like figure.There is a famous dancing girl statue also found from Mohenjodaro.
  • Harappan script is pictographic and not alphabetical.
  • Trees and animals like one horned unicorn were worshiped.
  • The indus valley civilization helps us in understanding the progress of men in the historical progress.It helps in guiding modern day planners of how the urban development is to be undertaken.

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