Indian Vegetation


The dominance of tropical monsoonal charactersitics make india dominantly recognized with hardwood decidious varieities of vegetation.collectively the Indian vegetation can be categorised as

      A)The tropical Rainy or evergreen Indian vegetation is identified in the par moist location of the country .It is further subdivided into

             1)Wet evergreen vegetation is the closest forest type applicable to regions with precipitation of more than 250 cm.The vegetation is dense with height varying from 35 to 40m. The major locations are malabar coast and part of North east.Mesa ,cedar,Mahagony,dhup are the major varieties.

            2) Semi evergreen : with height ranging from 30 to 35 cm and precipitation of upto 200 cm.Spatially entire Konkan and Bhramaputra of North east are the prominenent locations.Aini ,Gutel Mondari are the prominent varities

                 3)   Dry evergreen: applicable to coromondal coast with precipitation upto 150 cm.Short Stunted varieties of trees with short grasses are prevalent.

      B)The Monsoonal deciduous Indian vegetation : is of two types

             1) Moist Monsoonal  deciduous :with precipitation of between 150 to 200 cm in lower and mid gangetic,Narmada- tapti valley with major varieties as teak,sal,pala,kusum,mahua.

              2) Dry deciduous : with precipitation less than 150 cm in areas like eastern Rajastan,adjoining Madhya Pradesh,Gujarat etc.The Major Varieties are Kendu ,Khair,teak,sal.

       C) Tropical Thorny vegetation:

                              with babool,senegal as prominent varieities.majorly in eastern margin of Great Indian desert

      D) The tropical littoral vegetation :

                both on and off shore along bay of bengal and arabian sea shore line shore line .The major variety is mangrove , bhendi,sundari.

      E) Montanne vegetation:

               in the Northern mountain wall and southern hills with major varities includes oak,chestnut,teak ,sal,pine,spruce ,tundra,frosted vegetation

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