E Governance projects in India : Important Initiatives


Many state governments have initiated e governance projects to introduce information technology in the governance process for improving service delivery to their citizens. The manual processes are giving way to on-line delivery by using application software’s and service centers in public places. These service centers are manned by public/ private agencies and multiple Services are provided on-line at each location. These transformations from manual to online delivery has not been an easy task and required careful planning, conceptualizing, development and implementation.The e governance projects in india are aiming to provide a simple ,transparent,accountable and responsible administration for the people

The successful e governance projects in india are

Project “Bhoomi” :State Of Karnataka

The project ‘Bhoomi’ facilitated computerizations of millions of land record ownership of millions of farmers in the state of Karnataka. At present, computerized land record kiosk popularly called “Bhoomi Center” is functional in all the talukas in the state. These kiosks are used to provide RTC on line to farmers at a minimum service charge.Here request can be made for change in land ownership due to sale or inheritance. The entire process from receiving application to handing over to the ‘patwari’ is computerised. The supervisors like revenue inspector is expected to approve these changes in a specified time .The approved document are scanned and records are saved in the database. This project has ensured fixing responsibility and holding officials accountable, thereby curtailing corruption. In addition, the project has also improved the revenue contributions to the state treasury. Thus, project ‘Bhoomi’ came to be a success, as it resulted in: simplification of procedures; reduced the hardships of the poor farmers: in terms of delays; put an end to corruption; and ensured a more accountable, transparent, and responsive system.

Project “Gyandoot” in the State of Madhya Pradesh

These information kiosks were run by rural educated youth and the services provided at these kiosks include:

(i) supplying information regarding current rates of crops at the local and other auction

centers in the country at a very nominal fee .

(ii) all documents containing information of land records to be given on the spot at a minimum fee.

(iii)all applications with regard to domicile or income or caste certificates can be sent

through e-mail at a minimum charge.

(iv)complaints of poor quality of seeds/fertilizers, drinking water, functioning or nonfunctioning

of schools or panchayats, village committees, etc can be lodged .

(v) auction facility for land, machinery, and any other durable commodities

; all information on government development programmes

and grants on various development projects; and

(vi)data on BPL families.

Project Smart Government in the State of Andhra Pradesh

This Smartgov application upon receipt of a document scans, generates and assign a number for the file .This file information is updated to the officer dealing with the concerned section by email. The file notings within the department is also made electronically thus reducing the paper work and streamlining the entire process of file movement. It has also helped in reducing the time consumed in processing the files along with greater transparency and quality decision making.

Project Sustainable Access in Rural India (Sari) Tamil Nadu

Under this kiosks are established by enterprising individuals. These Kiosks are a huge success and the local people are making their use for downloading application form for caste, birth and death certificates and forwarding it through e-mail to the ‘tehsildar’.

Project Sampark in Chandigarh

Under this e governance project , electronic service centers known as ‘Sampark Centers’ have been established at different locations in the city. These centers provide different government Services such as Payment of Taxes, Payment of Water, Sewerage, and Electricity Bills, Payment of Sticker/Postal Challan, Issue of Bus Passes, Issue of Senior Citizen Cards, Issue of Births and Death Certificates, Space Bookings, Tenant Registrations, Domestic Servants Registrations, Passport Applications, and selected Telephone Bills under a single roof thereby reducing costs and saving time of the customers as there are no jurisdiction limitations. This single window system has reduced the burden of citizens in identifying offices and getting different services from different offices located at different places.

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